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Open 7 days a week.  Dinner from 4:30 PM,  Happy Hours in the Lounge 4:30-7 and 9 PM till closing. 

Family Dining you can afford!
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 September/October 2013 
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The Patio Dining under the stars is the "Best this time of year". Get here early for a table without a wait.
Buon Appetito!!!!!
Learn typical Italian expressions to use while enjoying dinner with your relatives… with friends…at the restaurant…on a special date… Astonish your guests with your perfect Italian!

For Every Meal

Buon appetito (have a good meal): (boo-on app-èt-it-oh) before a dinner with friends say this to the whole company and expect the same answer in return. it is a blessing for the meal to come.

Complimenti alla cuoca (compliments to the cook): (com-plee-men-tee alla coo-oka)after enjoying an excellent meal, say this to compliment your hostess and (female) to demonstrate your appreciation of her efforts. The male version is "com-plee-men-tee al coo-oko".

Apri il vino (open the wine bottle): (ah-pree il vee-noh) a good glass of wine to accompany your meal.

Cin! or Alla Salute!: (cen) (alla sa-loo-teh) the Italiantoast, like saying "Cheers!"

Un pugno di sale (literally, a fistful of salt): (un poo-nee-oh dee sah-leh)this is the most common measure for adding salt to the water for the pasta.

La Pasta é scotta (the pasta is too cooked): (la pa-stah è sko-ttah) this is the common expression to say that the pasta is overcooked and has become too soft.

Gira il sugo (literally, turn the sauce): (gee-rah il soo-goh) say this when making a sauce which needs to be stirred with a spoon.

Scola la pasta (let the water drain away from the pasta): (sko-lah la pa-stah) this is done using a utensil common in the Italian kitchen, a colander.

Apparecchia la tavola (set the table): (ah-ppah-re-kee-ah la ta-vo-lah)to prepare the table that will receive yours friends.

Passami l'olio (give me the olive oil bottle): (pas-sam-ee loh-lio): Say it when the Bertolli olive oil bottle is too far away for you to reach it.

Taglia il pane (cut the bread): (ta-liah il pa-neh) Bread is the best accompaniment to yourfoods

Ne voglio ancora: (neh voh-lio an-ko-rah) Is there any seconds? 

Bistecca al sangue (rare steak), bistecca ben cotta (well cooked steak): (bee-steh-ka al san-goo-eh) (bee-steh-ka ben koh-ttah) Your guests can choose how they would like their meat.

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