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Our Story


We first opened the doors to Trattoria Dario on September 27th, 2013. The main concepts driving our restaurant are upscale Italian food and wine, an authentic Italian experience, a trattoria like atmosphere (open, inviting, casual, and family friendly), professional service, late night bar accommodations, and personally meeting each and every guest who enters our doors. Our staff are like family to us, and our guests are treated as if they were entering our very own home.

We have lived in Vero Beach since 1996 and are proud parents of six children, all males, who mostly grew up in Florida and are now pursuing different interests around the world. I (Dario) have been blessed to experience the  American Dream. After spending my childhood in Lago di Como, a beautiful region in northern Italy that is the inspiration behind much of Trattoria Dario, I left home to seek my own path. After working in Switzerland and England, I arrived in Miami with little more then myself. Four decades, and many restaurants later I have Darios in Vero and realize although I may not be in Italy the important things in life have not been left behind. Great food, Fine wine, and Family    

Trattoria Dario was founded on the concept of creating an authentic Italian dining experience. Our primary objective as a restaurant is to have a positive impact on every customer. In addition, our restaurant is committed to having a positive impact on the local community, especially our employees. We want to set an example of how business should be done. This means:​

Food that is good for the customer in the short (delicious) and long (healthy) run


Professional and friendly service


Being involved in community initiatives


Providing meaningful employment


Sourcing ingredients from local vendors


Creating an open and inviting atmosphere


Being environmentally responsible


Having an outsized impact

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